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A Web Browser for Each (Geeky) Sign

Aries – Google Chrome is fulfilling my need for speed. Some betas are for fun.

Taurus – I don’t care about browsers, so I’m using the good ol’ fashioned Internet Explorer.

Gemini – You always have to look for alternatives, so I’m choosing LunaScape, because it marvelously renders three engines: Trident (IE), Gecko (FF) and WebKit (Chrome and Safari).

Cancer – The best as many people say it is, Firefox.

Leo – I want the best browser that meets my needs: elegant and fast. I choose Opera.

Virgo – I don’t like the memory hog and space needy that Firefox became, so I’m going for his lighter version: CometBird. Could you believe that Firefox didn’t have an uninstaller? I had to clean up all the mess with CCleaner.

Libra – For the sake of good looks and easy use, I like Safari a lot. The speed is really a bonus. Opera is a good tool, too, but I didn’t get used to all its features.

Scorpio – Oh, I’m so paranoid and I want a simple browser. I use Maxthon. Yeah, I like being out of the mainstream.

Sagittarius – It’s so hard to choose… I’m using LunaScape on XP, while Safari and CometBird are installed on Windows 7; yeah, my pc is in dual boot.

Capricorn – Security first! Then privacy and lightweight on pc and speed on Internet. Which one is the winner? Haven’t decided yet, but I think Opera, with its features, is the best choice. Firefox is just overrated, his popularity practically invites hackers to attack it.

Aquarius – This issue is so bloated and so easy to solve… Use Firefox on Ubuntu, though I’m using Konqueror (the default browser in Ubuntu, like IE in Windows) because I’m lazy.

Pisces – Indeed, a tough choice to make. I read a lot of tech blogs and sites to help me. I couldn’t make any decision. At least, I’ve found out about a browser which is very socially oriented, Flock, so I’ll give it a try. SeaMonkey looks good, too.

For funny purposes only!